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Corporate Viagrar


An extraordinary similarity exists between corporate success and effectiveness and human male potency. Both are functions of psychology, vigor, energy, money, health, opportunity and age. For both man and company, an early sign of sickness, depression, fear or age is impotence - partial, intermittent or persistent.

In both cases, impotence is seldom discussed. In males shame and embarrassment are often at the root of its denial, but it is mostly ignored. Though the advent of Viagra ® is causing the condition in males to be raised more often, it is still a source of embarrassment.

Corporate Impotence, especially the early stage, is the first indicator of deep-seated problems that will grow and fester in the darkness until brought to light by crisis - the economy turning down, the market or the industry or technology changing, someone internally making a mistake.

Corporate Impotence has many symptoms, many expressions, and many degrees of pathology. At its core is ineffectiveness, the inability to make things happen, the inability to cause events to take place in the company and the marketplace.

But there is an antidote?

Viagra ® is a registered trademark of Pfizer Company

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The above is an abstract of a chapter in Fire in the Corporate Belly.
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