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Testimonials: Diagnostic Service


I was a genius to have the managers of my companies undertake the questionnaire. Those who needed to fix something knew it. And they knew I knew it. And they knew everyone else knew it. And they did it.

  • MANUFACTURING Fred Conforti, Group CEO

My team would never have volunteered to take the questionnaire, few managers would, but once they did, there were no more secrets. We could get on with our work without having to play politics.


It's hard for an HR person to cause managers to change their organizations or their behaviors, but armed with overwhelming evidence, which the instrument gave us, all I had to do was point and say "What's the action?" and " Who is going to do it"

  • MANUFACTURING Pat Mataya, Group VP

I was looking at a 360 evaluation of the company, from the inside, by those who really knew and were really responsible. It changed us radically.


The results told me exactly what we needed to manage the growth we wanted. Really, my people told me, and themselves.


The information was overwhelming. We could not ignore it.

  • INSURANCE Charles Foster, CEO

We discovered a strategic potential that had been there but not really seen before; two years later that strategy was delivering 20% of our revenues and 30% of our profits.

  • LEASING Fred Glover, CEO

I was startled to discover that my managers thought I was too nice, did not demand enough of them. It turned out this was a real problem. It would have been impossible for them to articulate that without the diagnostic. Or for me to admit it.

  • INSURANCE John Di Liberto, CEO

My managers disclosed things they would never say out loud, perhaps never think about. In spite of our profits and growth, we were an accident waiting to happen.

  • BANKING Robert Brown, CEO

Not only could I see the culture of the company, I could see it for each of my divisions. And the managers knew it.

  • INFORMATION Robert Palmer, CEO

The information was priceless. When my management team saw what they had all said, what their subordinates had said, they just had to do something. I did not have to push.

  • BANKING Paul McFeeters, CEO

Not only did I see what the problems were, I saw what I could do about them. A lot of the diagnostic leads directly to action.

  • TRUST Andy Mayo , COO

It was a mirror and we saw clearly what the issues really were, where the disconnects and misconceptions were.

  • COMMERCIAL CREDIT Douglas Schultz, CFO

At some level, we all knew the company's relationship with our largest client was a bit strained. But when I saw how pervasive the problem really was, I declared an emergency. I could see exactly what to do. Two days later the problem was on the mend.

  • INSURANCE Bill Evans, CFO

We have seen the enemy and - - -

  • FEDERAL RESERVE BANK Charles Furbee, Sr. VP

I knew which of my divisions were making progress and which were not. Long before results showed on their bottom lines. And WHY that was happening. And the managers knew I knew. And we turned things around in time to matter.

  • COO, Insurance Company

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