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One of the best books of the year . . .

Fire in the Corporate Belly is an insightful outline of the Preemptive Turnaround process.  It describes the almost magical adventure of re-igniting the spirit of an enterprise to unleash creativity and talent, and achieve unprecedented levels of performance.

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I'm only half way through the book, Fire in the Corporate Belly, and I'm telling you already that this is a great book.


It is right on target with what we are doing, renewing our company.  We're right in the middle of this and this book couldn't have come at a better time.  And I just wanted to say thank you.  It just gives me so much insight into this whole renewal process we are going through.


Every CEO who wants to transform his company should have a copy.


Jim Eldridge, CEO
The Allant Group




This is a marvelous book.  I keep it on my desk and dip in from time to time, savoring it, as one might savor a vintage wine or single malt Scotch.


This is a book every CEO should read and read again.


Bill Brouse, CEO
The Brouse Company




Just one of the many ideas described in this book, increased our revenues by more than 50% within six months.  Without increasing costs.

Linda Hevenridge, COO



Having personally seen this program of corporate renewal in operation and having read the book Fire in the Corporate Belly, I believe every commercial lending officer and every private equity manager should keep a well-thumbed copy on his desk.  The chapter Post Acquisition Due Diligence alone could save a lot of sleepless nights.

Robert O'Shaughnessy, Chief Credit Officer & EVP
Bank Financial


The chapter title, Corporate Viagra, immediately tells you that this book is going be interesting.


FitzGerald has found a way to tap into the soul of a company and ignite it!


Linda Brakeall, Author of
How To Get Men to Take You Seriously in Business and in LIFE!


Fire in the Corporate Belly is a book that every ambitious CEO should read.  FitzGerald views the corporation as a living entity with spirit, energy, and vitality.  When that is found to be waning, (he provides directions on how to detect and measure this) he employs a method of renewal akin to preventive health care.

The genius of his method is an intervention in the earliest stages of corporate decline, long before financial symptoms are visible.

Duane Dionne



"Tom FitzGerald has produced the perfect companion to the creative work he does in helping companies get past corporate and human-produced roadblocks to their profitability.

"Fire in the Corporate Belly, as a title, describes what his work accomplishes, and the chapters, each detailing a real-life situation, describe how his methods work and, more importantly, what the results are.

"As a business book, it is more readable than most.  And as an actual participant in one of Mr. FitzGerald's engagements (I was chairperson of a troubled board of directors of a nonprofit organization), I found the experience of working with him not only fascinating, but accurately reflected in the chapters of his book.

"This is great reading for anyone interested in putting a human face and accountability on the solution to organizational or performance problems in their company."

Janine Wallin, (Chair Emeritus - Not For Profit)