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"Preemptive Turnaround #11" "Interview on Team Leadership"

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From Fire in the Corporate Belly:

Simplify the Politics!   
by Tom FitzGerald
When office politics are simplified, there is a surge in profits. A surge that is not dependent on strategic change or altered tactics. A surge that is driven by SYSTEMIC improvement in everything happening in the company.

Mirror,Mirror, on the Wall . . .   
by Tom FitzGerald
Within a company, no great change can happen, no substantial performance increase can be achieved unless and until that company faces clearly and fearlessly what it really is today.

The Company: Living Entity or Machine?   
by Tom FitzGerald
The company can be dealt with as a person, with life and body and soul. And treating it this way allows it to respond powerfully to its leadership, its people and its marketplace as a thinking, competing

Fire In The Corporate Belly   
by Tom FitzGerald
Reversing The Corporate Ageing Process Companies, unlike people, can be immortal - or nearly so. They can stop and reverse the ageing process. But it takes a leader of courage and vision to do it. Here is how...

The Post-Acquisition Due Diligence   
  Ensuring The Success Of Your M&A Investment
by Tom FitzGerald
Two thirds of mergers and acquisitions fail to produce anticipated results, in spite of the best due diligence possible.  But there is a way, after the acquisition , to radically increase the odds of your success.

Corporate Retrenchment or Corporate Renewal?   
by Tom FitzGerald
The bottom lines may be the same, at least at first. But there is a profound difference in the long-term profitability and competitiveness of companies that renew, regenerate rather than just retrench.

The Preemptive Turnaround   
by Tom FitzGerald
A unique process through which a CEO can evoke a surge in profits and competitiveness while re-energizing the organization and its management.

Corporate Viagrar   
by Tom FitzGerald
Do you need it? Can you get it? And is it fun? - The seven transitions of the Corporate Renewal Process.

Interview With a CEO   
This interview was conducted by the Executive Director of a major metropolitan business association on the CEO's experience with the Turnaround/Renewal Program

Hitting the Ground Running as the New CEO   
by Harry ****** and Tom FitzGerald
In just two days the process took two years off my learning curve.

From Politics To Purpose   
by Tom FitzGerald
No trade association executive, no chairman of the board, need be told that boards and politics go together. But politics, left unchecked, can destroy a company?

The First Strategy of War   
by Tom FitzGerald
The first strategy of business war is a management team that is fully mobilized and consumed with the desire to win.

Creating A Virtual Crisis   
The Gentle Art of Provoking Change
by Tom FitzGerald
Knowing what to do is easy. Making your people WANT to do it is the real challenge.

Inward Bound   
by Tom FitzGerald
When modest change is not enough, when competition or the market or the world has become so different that a really new response or a preemptive strike is needed, then it is time for the...

The Giving of Courage: The First Duty of a CEO    Chapter of week.
by Tom FitzGerald
Investing in the courage of your people brings extraordinary, even unwarranted, corporate results. And, in monitory terms, it is free; it costs only the will to do it. And the remarkable thing is, you don't need to have courage yourself to create it.

Other Articles:

Your Management Team
Discussion Group - Or Performance Engine?
(Performance Is A Direct Function Of Corporate Decisiveness)

by Tom FitzGerald
As part of our work, we commonly measure more than 100 corporate attributes that cause, affect, underlie and predict the performance of companies. We call them Leading Performance Drivers (LPD) and Early Warning Signs. 

Corporate Superman
by Tom FitzGerald
While it is difficult and hard, sometimes impossible, for individuals to change, companies are not so stuck. They can change far quicker, far easier. If they know how.

Stealth Marketing
by Tom FitzGerald & Linda Brakeall
Any company which has a ratio of non-sales calls to sales calls of 5:1 or better, is sitting on a gold mine, has an opportunity to sell invisibly, without resistance and without costs. All that is needed is?

by Ed Parker

Tough Love In The Boardroom
by Tom FitzGerald
Dealing With The Early Warning Signs of Trouble

The Breakthrough Process of Management Turnaround
by Tom FitzGerald
The Peter Principle revisited

The Death & Resurrection of Corporate Planning
by Tom FitzGerald
"If planning was any use, why aren't them that do it MORE PROFITABLE than them that don't?" "Of course I never plan myself. Real entrepreneurs don't you know. Its unlucky."

    Middle Manager
    Successful Entrepreneur

American Metal Ware Refocuses
by Joe Moran
Corporate long-range planning has always seemed to follow a familiar pattern: The CEO presents a five-year plan and expects the employees to implement it without question

Corporate Decisiveness
by Tom FitzGerald
One attribute stands out above all others as having the greatest effect on success and profitability. It is Corporate Decisiveness?

Determina�ao Corporativa
por Tom FitzGerald
Lucros e desempenho sao fun�ao direta da Determina�ao Corporativa

Entrepreneurial Planning
by Joan Price
The article covers the experience of a New England bank with a new approach to corporate planning.

Surviving And Thriving In The Face Of Mergers
By Linda Brakeall
A special report.

How To Manage In A Downturn
By Ed Parker
Many of today's managers have grown up in an environment of uninterrupted business expansion. But the recession has arrived and without previous experience many executives and front-line managers have been slow to react. What has become necessary is to do something. The question is how to go about this task.

Companies Increase Financial Returns by 40%