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FitzGerald Associates       Business Catalysts           Since 1976

Lake Forest, IL 60045


Our Services


    Profit /Performance Improvement1         Business Mobilization

    Preemptive Turnaround2                          Executive On-Boarding3

    Due Diligence4                                            Re-Engineering1


FitzGerald Associates provides unique business profit and performance improvement services to the managing officers and equity investors of US and Canadian companies.  We make possible levels of corporate transformation that are an order of magnitude greater and faster than are obtainable by traditional means.  An ROI of 10:1 or better is to be expected.


We created (in 1980) a truly unique, and uniquely successful, technology / methodology for our work.  It identifies and measures the root causes of performance and triggers changes in them.  The measurements are provided as a Balance Sheet and P&L.  The validity of our approach has been borne out in large scale independent, longitudinal studies by LSE and McKinsey.


We work with senior management and act as catalysts in their improvement of their company. 


We enable them to focus, not just on improving the usual factors addressed by traditional advisory services, but on transforming the very Operating Dynamic  of the company - the organizational and human factors that cause, underlie and drive performance - think, Will to Compete. 

This is something entirely unique to our practice.


Our work has been proven time after time on the bottom lines of companies that range in size from small to Fortune 500 - in performance from early-decline to high-achieving.


Our consultants are all accomplished corporate diagnosticians, business catalysts and fierce advocates for the success of our clients.


Contact Information

 Tom FitzGerald    847-599-9960  


Best-in-Class for Corporate Turnaround / Renewal  -  CEO Refresher Magazine


NOTE:  Using traditional approaches:


1         Only about 30% of improvement programs deliver increased profits.  Much fewer show ROI improvements.

2         Long before performance shows in the financials, the causes are there.  They can be measured.  They can be changed.

3         50% of all new executives are gone in 18 months; they are not provided with information on what causes performance.

4         Due diligence audits do not address causes.


We cause to happen very quickly, what CEOs want to happen, what companies need to happen, with the full buy-in and commitment of managers.

Unlike traditional consultants, we deliver measurable and sustained results.  We work with CEOs, managers and key employees at all levels, transforming commitments, attitudes and behaviors. We enable them to:  

  • Quickly increase profits 
  • Mobilize, focus and renew their organizations  
  • Sharpen management performance, and 
  • If necessary, turn around their companies.

To do this, we have created a unique technology that addresses the company as a living, growing entity, rather than as a machine. It stretches management thinking. It challenges them to grow and develop their business. It enables them to touch directly the very spirit of their company and transform it, body, soul and bottom-line.

We are accelerants of corporate growth, profitability and success. We are business catalysts, consulting management engineers, CEO and corporate coaches.

The Bottom-Line Results our clients achieve range from significant to remarkable. They include: 

  • Dramatic Surges in Profit and Performance 
  • Sustained Growth 
  • Long Term Competitive Advantage 
  • Increased Effectiveness and Efficiency 
  • Empowerment And Growth Of People

The sustained change within the life and culture of the organization is even more significant. Treating the company as a living organism allows it to make changes and improvements that are an order of magnitude greater and different than those achievable by traditional means.

Results have been achieved time after time, in commerce and industry, in large companies and small, for entire companies and single units, in for-profits and not-for-profits. Even government!