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I counted $5,000,000 in profits in the first year alone that we would not have without the program. The best return on investment we've made!

  • President, Manufacturing

The process did not allow us the option of staying as we were. Three months later, revenues had jumped 20%. Twelve months later revenues were up 60%, for a 10% increase in staff.

  • President, Leasing Company

It takes a crisis to transform a company. This is the perfect way to create a VIRTUAL crisis. All the intensity and motivation without the danger.

  • President, National Insurance Company

The program was the critical enabler that triggered the changes we needed - in attitude, in behavior and in bottom-line.

  • President, Bank Holding Company (Canada)

I thought, when I first heard of it, that it would be just another of those warm, fuzzy, feel-good organizational development things that would not have any effect on our bottom line. I was wrong: It was not warm, or fuzzy; everything done was aimed directly at the bottom-line; we made a million dollar improvement the first year; and morale went up too.

  • Managing Director, Retirement Trust Company

Your process has helped us improve our organization so much that this year we have posted the finest results ever in the history of our company.

  • CFO, Financial Institution

Early on in the process someone said "we are fighting for the soul of our organization here". He was right. And we won.

  • Sr. VP, Manufacturing Company

It was a stroke of genius on my part to select FitzGerald Associates. Our company has been revitalized and we have a 31% increase in profits to go with it.

  • President, Manufacturing

Within a year we were leaders in our industry. The credit belongs to the metamorphosis we went through with your company.

  • EVP Quality, Manufacturing

If there is such a thing as corporate Viagra, this is it.

  • President, Publishing Company

The process took at least two years off my learning curve as the new COO of a 1200 person company. It also caused the management team I inherited to imprint on me as their leader in just two days.

  • COO, Energy Utility

This is the most powerful team building process I know. Probably because that is just a by-product of it's real purpose: Transforming the very spirit and bottom-line performance of the company.

  • Manager, Service Organization

Of all the improvement programs I have experienced over the last 20 years, this is the only one that first generates within management a deep, visceral commitment to its success. Which, of course, is why it works.

  • Director, Human Resources

When we knew, finally, what was really driving our performance, and it was none of the usual things taught in B school, we knew what to change. And we did.

  • EVP, Engineering

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