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  • Challenge:
    For a large electronics company whose growth had slowed, and whose ability to respond to the market was declining.  But whose profitability was still high.

  • Results: 
    (12 months) Sales increased by 25%; profits grew by 30%. A minimum of $5,000,000  was attributed to the program. A new spirit of external competitiveness and  internal cooperation had been created.


Preemptive Turnaround #11

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  • Challenge:
     For a leasing company experiencing slowing growth and declining earnings.

  • Results:
    (12 months) Sales increased by 50%, Staff increased by only 10%. Profits multiplied. 

  • Challenge:
    For an information company that had experienced losses for the previous 7 years, whose growth had stopped, whose relationship with its parent had deteriorated sharply. 

  • Results:
    (4 months) Largest gain in sales in the history of the company. A major turnaround  in performance and customer relations has led the parent to include the company as an integral part of its national expansion program, now happening. (12  MONTHS)On revenues of $7,000,000 PROFITS increased by $800,000. 

  • Challenge:
    For a division of a national trust company that had operated at a loss for  5 years.

  • Results:
    (1 year): PROFITS improved by $1 million (on revenues of $6 million), from  -200,000 to +$800,000.   


  • Challenge:
    For a 100 year old, company that had introduced no new products in five years and had none under development.

  • Results: 
     (2 years)  Profits increased by 10% per annum throughout the recession.  Four new products were put into production.  Markets were opened in Europe and Japan.

  • Challenge:
    A high volume check processing center that was ranked within the top 10% in efficiency within its (40+) peer group and elected to go against tradition  and sell new business.

  • Results:
    (6 months) Customer base increased by 20%. An assertive sales culture was created within the organization. Efficiency and effectiveness also increased. 

    Though bottom line results are easiest to measure - and they happen quickly
    - other benefits which effect long-term succes and growth also acrue.


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