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From Politics To Purpose


The Rebirth of A Board

No trade association executive, no chairman of the board, need be told that boards and politics go together; it is part of the human condition. A certain amount of politics is necessary for anything to get done.

But, politics is something that has an innate tendency to grow and flourish, like weeds, in numbers of issues, in complexity, in intensity.

Beyond some limited amount, an increase in board politics causes a deterioration of leadership

Left unchecked, the situation within the association progresses from distracting the board, to consuming the executive, to burning out the staff, then to missed opportunities, to mistakes, to gross errors, and so on.

However, progress down this path is not inevitable. Executives and boards can take action to halt it, even reverse it; from dissonance, back to harmony, even to the original resonance.

A process exists that executives and boards can use to profoundly simplify politics, and refocus the energies released by this into a renewal of purpose and leadership and a deep commitment to achievement.

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