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Hitting the Ground Running as the New CEO


In just two days it took two years off my learning curve. In just two days more it had allowed my new management team to imprint, really imprint, on me as their leader.

"I" was the new, the brand new, managing officer of a 1500 person company. "They" were my new team. Ten senior managers, all my age or older, with an average tenure of 25 years with the company.

I had had no say over who "they" would be; I had inherited them; They had no say over my arrival either; I had been appointed. Some of them, I'd heard, had applied for the position too.

"It" was a program of Corporate Renewal/Revitalization that had begun the day I was appointed.

As I looked at the results, I realized that I was looking into areas far beyond the usual financials and operating metrics, into the root causes of performance, into the very drivers of behaviors that were generating the performance.

I knew what to change and how to change it.

Managing Officer - 1500 person company.

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