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Predicting and Transforming Corporate Performance

The Corporate 360�

A Balance Sheet & P&L

for the

Operating Dynamic of Your Company



All Corporate Performance is fundamentally driven by the Operating Dynamic� of the company.  It is more important than strategy, tactics, processes, finance, or “culture”.  It is the root cause of success or failure.  A healthy operating dynamic results in high performance; a poor or sick one causes decline or failure.

The operating dynamic is entirely within the control of management; it costs almost nothing to change.  Improving it by even a little results in a large increase in financial returns - irrespective of initial performance.

It can be measured; it can be changed; yet it almost never is.

Knowing it in detail, and measuring it in terms of a Balance Sheet and P&L, allows companies to:

         Trigger significant, and sometimes remarkable, profit increases

         Predict future performance - far ahead of the financials or the KPI's

The Balance Sheet provides the current value of the operating dynamic: how it is working; what it is laying down for the future of the company – good or bad.  The P&L shows the trend line on the value.  Together, they provide the Innate Trajectory of the company.  (Nothing can predict a result further ahead than its cause.)


The Corporate 360� surveys provide a full-spectrum, in-depth analysis of the company’s innate health. They are MANAGEMENT TEAM instruments only.  They are web-based, simple and easy to respond to: the smallest takes less than five minutes to complete; the largest about thirty.  Commentary can also be input and provides for a deeper level of diagnosis.

The surveys provide a 360� appraisal of the company and each of its units, from the inside, through the eyes and perspective of its managers – those who will have to change it if that is necessary.  The surveys put hard numbers on factors that cause, predict, drive and also block performance.  They work for large companies and for small.

The instruments are a distillation of the turnaround and profit improvement work that FitzGerald Associates have engaged in since 1976.  They have been proven in more than 200 organizations - low performing as well as high.

Survey responses and commentary are evaluated by our senior diagnosticians, not by computer programs.  Findings are explored in-depth with the CEO’s and management teams using our unique facilitation process. 

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        Quantifies the key management functions proven to directly impact profitability.  Even our smallest survey addresses all major factors.  Our largest allows CEO’s to actively trigger changes.

         Presents the key functions in terms of a Balance Sheet and Income Statement together with their underlying drivers and blockers.

         Focuses management on priority issues and areas which will provide maximum return for effort.


         Evaluates a company's Corporate Will (innate will to compete) and identifies action steps to improve it.


Performance Prediction

  • Predicts future corporate performance long before it shows in the financials or the KPI’s.
  • Focuses attention on dangerous situations not yet visible to accounting or due-diligence audits.


Leadership / Management

         Creates immediately understandable measures of the CAUSES of corporate behavior and their direct impact on profits, productivity and performance.

         Measures the effectiveness of ManageMENT: i.e. the resultant leadership and administration available to the company after all dissonance is accounted for.



         Provides immediate, in-depth analysis of the operating dynamic for an incoming manager.

         Facilitates inherited managers imprinting on the new CEO.

         Shows where improvements need to be made.

         Identifies areas of maximum return on effort.


M&A / Due Diligence

         Provides the hard numbers needed to predict future performance: something no traditional due-diligence can do.

         Identifies what needs immediate change - and how to do it.

         Guides and helps manage successful mergers.


Turnaround / Renewal

         Enables Preemptive Turnaround.

         Measures core motivations needed for a sustained turnaround – company wide and unit by unit.

         Indicates the readiness of a company to make serious change or undertake a new enterprise.

         Identifies what needs to change - and how to do it


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