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The Preemptive Turnaround


It has been known for decades that companies which turnaround from the brink of disaster (almost always under new management) experience a significant, sometimes abrupt, surge in profits. These turnaround companies revert to a younger more entrepreneurial stage - a rebirth takes place.

What is not well known, is that in subsidiary units of these turnaround companies, units that never were in trouble, even world class units, also experience the same surge, the same renewal. This happens while keeping the same management, but from strength rather than weakness, from ambition rather than desperation.

Research into these non need-driven, spontaneous surges, led to a unique process through which a CEO or managing officer can evoke a surge in profits, in competitiveness, in entrepreneurship, while re-energizing the organization and its management. The process, which evokes the fighting spirit of the company and its management teams, is uniquely effective. Here we look at the background, the approach, and the steps a CEO can take to trigger this "turnaround" response.

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