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The Post-Acquisition Due Diligence


More than two thirds of all mergers and acquisitions fail to produce anticipated results. Yet in every case a most careful and thorough due diligence had been done before the investment was made.

However, the very best due diligence possible can, by custom and tradition, look only at certain factors. And these factors account for only a fraction of the long term success of a company - which of course accounts for so many disappointments. To make things worse, the acts of putting companies up for sale and performing due diligence work on them inevitably causes trauma.

Seriously improving the odds of success requires getting a deep and detailed understanding of the actual drivers of corporate behavior - the root causes of long term performance.

Until just a few years ago, such an in-depth illumination of the heart and soul of a company would not have been possible; the instruments did not exist. Nor did the techniques for transmuting the understanding gained into commitment or the knowledge gained into action. But now they do.

With the investor present, the management team can look deeply into the operating dynamic of their company and see what is really there. And do so in time to cause change.

For the investor, it is a Post-Acquisition Due Diligence´┐Ż; for the management team, it is a New Beginning.

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