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Fire In The Corporate Belly


THE COMPANY JUST FELT OLD. It was under twenty, but it felt old. That was our first impression. It felt cold too. Nothing you could put your finger on, but there was no excitement in the faces of its people...

There are many reasons why a company ages. But for whatever reason, this aging manifests itself in bureaucracy, boredom, introversion, timidity, stiff formality, and above all, lack of fire. Unless this fire is re-ignited the company falters, slows, and finally dies.

But companies, unlike people, can be immortal - or nearly so. Companies, with the right leadership, with the right stimulus, can slow and stop and reverse the aging process. And it must happen again and again, if it is to compete, if it is to create, if it is to endure.

This re-ignition of corporate fire, this rekindling of fighting spirit, this rejuvenation of the enterprise, must be the work of the CEO.

It has long been thought that such renewal can only happen with new management, but that is no longer the case. Simple techniques for re-igniting the competitive spirit now exist and they have been proven time and again on the bottom-lines of companies both large and small.

They can be used by any CEO with ambition and the will to have his managers look deep into the soul, into the operating dynamic, of their company. And not flinch away.

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