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Mirror,Mirror, on the Wall . . .


Facing Corporate Reality

  • Within a company, no great change can happen, no substantial performance increase can be achieved unless and until that company faces clearly and fearlessly what it really is today.
  • Yet, the real drivers of corporate performance are mostly ignored. Partly because they are not known, partly because managers are afraid to look.
  • Less than 30% of the factors that drive the success of the company appear in traditional analyses. And these are often more result than cause, more ephemeral than enduring.
  • The other 70% of corporate drivers are not addressed. Most of these exist within the hidden emotional life of the company.
  • At some level, successful leaders are aware of these drivers and cause them to change, to transform. For example, in turnarounds new CEOs intuitively change the entire dynamics of the company as part of the transformation. Inspired new CEOs do this too.
  • But neither desperation nor inspiration are needed. Companies can be transformed. And the first step is to identify the motive forces, the real drivers of success.
  • From hands on experience with scores of organizations the writer describes some of the more important of these drivers and their effects on performance.

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