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"Within a year we were world leaders in our industry. The credit belongs to the metamorphosis we went through with your company".

• EVP Quality, Manufacturing

A company is not a machine. It is a living organism with many, many attributes similar at a deep level to those possessed by people. It ingests, digests, produces goods,; it grows and ages., it sickens and heals, it fails and flourishes, renews and changes. It also has personality, an inner life: ambition, confidence, fear, exhilaration. And a soul. A soul that is as much grander, more powerful than "corporate culture" as the human spirit is greater and more powerful than personality.
Up to now, organizational change programs have dealt almost exclusively with the the company as a MACHINE, and success rates have been about as successful as one would expect: 30 percent for even the most effective. Uncomfortably close to the placebo effect.

Our Corporate Renewal Process deals with the company as a living entity. It creates an environment where CEO and management team deal with the company as a whole, as a living organism. There they look deep into the spirit of their company, comprehend, not just intellectually but at a visceral level, what is happening within its emotional life. And the consequences. There they integrate the inner life of the company with corporate strategies, tactics, finance, structure and operations. And cause change.

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Two critical processes happen in parallel: