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The Company: Living Entity or Machine?


People have always known instinctively that a human enterprise is a living, breathing entity that grows and ages, sickens and heals, flourishes and fails. It is something that is organic in nature. It has personality and the ability to learn and to reproduce. It has personhood. It is something that is much greater than the sum of its functions. It is much different than the sum of its people.

Entrepreneurial and charismatic leaders have always known this quite intuitively and use it to lead, motivate and transform their companies. They use their organizations' living energies to magnify their leadership and their ambition for their companies. They alter elements of their companies' inner lives to force changes in the externals. They may not talk about it for many would be too embarrassed, but they think about their companies as persons.

Repeatedly over the last twenty years we have watched managing officers intuitively use these steps to turnaround companies and transform their performance. Frequently we have used these steps ourselves to enable companies to sharply increase their profits and renew themselves.

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