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The Corporate 360° Surveys


The Corporate 360� Surveys are a distillation of the corporate renewal, turnaround and profit improvement work that FitzGerald Associates have engaged in since 1976. This work has been battle tested and proven in companies from mid-range to Fortune 500, from high performers to turnaround. Their interventions generally create for clients a first year ROI of more than 20:1.

In essence, the surveys are holistic, detailed and full-spectrum diagnostics of the Operating Dynamic of the organization. They are web-based, simple to access and easy to respond to.

They bring to the surface and quantify the factors that predict, cause and drive performance. They do so through the eyes and insights of the company's managers and supervisors - the people most responsible for its present performance, the people a leader will have to work with if that performance is to change.

The surveys address both Early Warning Signs of corporate trouble and Drivers of Corporate Performance. (See offer below.)

The Early Warning Signs, selected from our due diligence check lists, are collateral expressions of company performance. They coexist with, lead, and often predict the bottom line. Cash Flow is one of the more obvious examples. All senior managers ought to be together on the value of these warning signs. If they are not, their decisions will be conflicting. Merely bringing senior managers into full agreement on the early warning signs, brings immediate systemic improvement performance.

The Drivers of Performance are those elements within the organization that really cause or impel corporate performance. Morale is an obvious (but relatively unimportant) example; another example, Corporate Decisiveness, is much more important and generates much greater and more rapid performance improvement.

With the Corporate 360 instruments, a new manager can get up to speed in hours, rather than the weeks or even months it often takes. An established manager can get an immediate and astonishingly detailed view of what is really happening below the surface in every unit of the organization.

With the Corporate 360 surveys a manager will know immediately what needs to be changed if performance is to change - and who must do it.

Our Corporate 360 instruments range in size and comprehensiveness from the Management Team Survey(C) (for managing officers and their immediate reports ? requires about 15 minutes) to the Corporate Turnaround Diagnostic(C) for larger and more challenging situations where all levels of management participate.

A complementary list of Early Warning Signs and Performance Drivers is available on request. There is no obligation. Email info at and ask for the Warning Signs and Drivers.

For details on obtaining the instruments call Tom FitzGerald at 847-599-9960.