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CEO Coaching


Great athletes deserve great coaches.
Walt Leibson.

Even the greatest athlete needs a coach. And no game, no sport, no competition compares in challenge, in contribution to society, with business.
Yet, business' greatest players, its CEOs and CEOs-to-be, almost always have to learn and play - without a coach.

The CEO must lead and manage and heal - alone - in environments that are infinitely more complex, more dynamic than any sport.

And in this maelstrom must maintain not just his balance but create/maintain the dynamic equilibrium for his company, his managers, his people. And motivate and focus and generate a momentum for success. And show a profit, day-by-day.

To do all this, he must be an athlete, a performer of the highest prowess. And like all great athletes he grows to strength and power and hones his skill - with coaching.

Our coaches bring to their CEOs a truly unique combination of knowledge and insight and skill:

  • Broad experience across every facet of commerce, industry and government.
    One-on-one collaboration with CEOs and senior managers of scores of companies.
  • In-depth, hands-on work in all the traditional functions of business - including finance, marketing, sales, planning, production. And more. Much more.
  • Unparalleled experience in corporate renewal and turnaround.
  • Profound understanding of the factors that drive corporate and individual performance.
  • Experience in the coaching of ambitious, high level executives, within the full perspective of their business and industry.

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