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Leading Performance Indicators Survey
We are victims of economic or seasonal cycles.          
Our market is shrinking.          
We are losing market share.          
Sales are lower than expected.          
Our sales plan predicts we will grow faster than our industry.          
Our inventory levels are out of control.          
Costs are going up faster the revenues.          
Cash flow management is getting harder.          
We are slowing down paying our vendors.          
Needed expenditures are being delayed.          
Our delinquencies and collections are worse than industry averages.          
Our industry is consolidating.          
Our bankers are expressing increasing concern.          
Ownership is expressing concern about our performance.          
Our clients are NOT the most desirable we could have.          
Our dividends/payouts are too high          
Our executives are rewarded better than is usual in our industry.          
Sr. mgmt. is too distracted to pay enough attention to the business.          
The internet/e-commerce is seriously hurting our business.          
We are selling more low-margin/commodity products.          
We have lost some large customers recently.