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Chatham Rodgers


Personal Profile

Chatham Rodgers is a broadly experienced and accomplished business consultant with 30 years of positive change agent and leadership experience. His business career began with Caterpillar, Inc. where he led his dealerships to top performance in the largest U.S. Sales territory, including logistical operations management during the Alaskan Pipeline Project.

Recruited from Caterpillar into the position the General Director for North American Operations for Lucas - C.A.V., he re-directed the unit’s strategic business direction, resulting in decreased costs, increased target market penetration and aggressive new market development. The strategic vision and turnaround he engineered there is still driving market share growth and profitability today.

Building upon the above background, Mr. Rodgers turned his broad management background toward corporate turnarounds. As a principal in a private investment firm in the mid 90’s he assumed the CEO position at four companies in a period of five years as he engineered successful financial turnarounds and subsequent buy-outs or mergers on behalf of the investment group.

He has been instrumental in several mid-market corporate divestitures and mergers, including the strategic re-deployment of assets internationally. He most often holds the responsibility of carrying negotiations through the crucial due diligence phase, where deals often disintegrate if not well directed.

Mr. Rodgers currently specializes in assisting small and mid-market companies in maximizing profitability through improved operations, planning, marketing and sales, employee involvement and synchronized optimization of the business model to produce world-class benchmarked results.

Mr. Rodgers has developed particular expertise in designing and implementing profit driven employee incentive and compensation programs, a proven method of rejuvenating employee involvement in their employer’s financial performance through employing a true win-win philosophy.

Holder of MBA and BBA degrees from the University of Memphis, Mr. Rodgers is a featured speaker on the topics of corporate turnarounds, family and closely held corporations exit strategy, corporate cultural change management and employee involvement and empowerment. He is often consulted to assist in formulating business strategy mapping processes to facilitate well planned and executed ownership transitions, while preserving and increasing business enterprise value.

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