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Leading Performance Drivers Survey
Our management team works well together.          
We know what to do - and are eager to do it.          
Managers are ambitious more for the company than for themselves.          
Corporate decision making is fast.          
Our goals are clear to our employees.          
Mediocrity is not tolerated.          
Meetings focus on resolving important issues.          
We do NOT tolerate late completion of tasks.          
Mgrs. spend time (weekly) thinking up ways to innovate/improve.          
We posses a strong sense of urgency.          
Our managers are adaptable.          
Our clients praise our product/service quality.          
Our people feel they are praised often.          
We are adapting faster than the competition.          
Our organization is young in spirit.          
Internal politics take little energy.          
Morale is high.          
Our goal is to SUCCEED - not just survive.          
My boss gives me good direction.          
It is fun to work here.          
Our managers are definitely assertive.